Monday, June 26, 2006

they say there is pride before a fall

Yesterday, much like the day before it, was gray and raining on and off, on and off throughout much of the day. Because of this weather, I did not go to the gay pride parade that I had been so excited about attending for the week leading up to it. Rather, I stayed inside, ate gross food and watched Empire Records. Mid-afternoon I got a call from the regular, whom I hadn't heard from in a long time, and I was glad that I had not gone to the parade because now I had this opportunity to make easy money that I surely needed. And so I rode uptown, seeing lots of homos on the train, and got a blowjob and got paid for it, and rode the train back downtown, again seeing lots of homos on the train.

The presence of all these homos, all so happy, and in such numbers(!) made me want to join those numbers, to be a part of this collective mass of queers celebrating their queerness. I called Ethan, whose phone or either he, himself, flaked out on me, and so I watched a really boring Japanese movie, Last Life in the Universe, and waited for Joe to get off work, so I could go with him out to the streets. Finally he did, and him, his friend Filene(sp?), and I wandered down Christopher. I was incredibly giddy and boy crazy and I wanted to roll around with just about all of the boys, and some of the girls, I walked past. I just wanted to hug everybody. We went into one bar and then another, and were turned away from a butch bar, Ty's, for either being not butch enough or not white enough. I suspect both, but a reason was not given.

After a couple drinks at a couple bars, we walked toward Park, and along the way, the fireworks started and we scurried over westward, toward the water, to get beyond the buildings blocking our view, so we could see these fireworks, and I love watching fireworks, it almost makes hearing them bearable, knowing that it produces this amazing spectacle that makes everyone regress into a little kid saying Wow.

At Park, I drank some more, and danced a lot, getting real sweaty, danced to lots of gay songs that made me happy, heard an old Basement Jaxx song that I hadn't heard in a long time, and which made me sort of lose my mind and dance dance dance. I stared at the asses and pubic hairs of go-go boys and did this, and did not want to leave, wanted to stay all night, or as long as I wanted to before I got tired, wanted to stay with all these cute homos and dance, and maybe try to hit on one or more of them, and hopefully end up in someone's bed with some boy, but there was this, me being up this morning to get ready for work, that prevented that, and so I left at 12:30 or so, knowing that if I was actually going to get up this morning and be able to function at work that I needed to go, to come home. And I did. And there is more I would like to say, but really, I must put on some clothes because I don't think my job would be too happy otherwise. But I am in the greatest of moods right now for quite a few reasons, many of them involving homos, and man, leaving the club last night as I was about to get on the train, there was this boy, this dreamy lost boy (an intentional Peter Pan reference on my part? or no?), and he asked me for directions, and I told him how to get where he asked, but I wanted to give him other directions, send him in other ones, to my bed, to my arms.

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