Tuesday, October 3, 2006

people in motion

Riding down from 96th Street, I didn't think of the blowjob I had just gotten, didn't really even think of that too much during the act, not really sure where my mind was, but it was then, as it was on that subway ride, wandering down whatever paths were illuminated by the those pot embers burning in the pipe I had smoked from earlier. On the train ride, I was listening to the Mamas and the Papas and in love with everything, nothing more so than my own self and my own ability to take in all these things, to feel, and it was only when the train was stopped for a bit at Times Square that I realized something wasn't right. There was a woman next to me yelling into the intercom buttom at the train conductor for not giving proper medical attention to this man on the floor of my car, a man possibly dead that I had not noticed at all, a man whom apparently no one, aside from this woman, had noticed. She was mad and everyone else seemed to be mildly annoyed and inconvienced and I loved this woman, talking about how everyone was just looking at this man like he was garbage but he was a human being. And even though this station, Times Square of all places, seems like it should have lots of personnel ready to respond in the event of an emergency, for the five minutes I was there, there were still no medics on the scene. After a couple minutes an MTA employee came who stood guard, waiting for some type of medical attention, presumably. I got on the local when it came, continuing to listen to the Mamas and Papas and thinking about various things.

I transferred to the L, at which point there was another subway sight to inspire thoughts on mortalitiy, on our human bodies, this one at the beginning of their life, a cute little baby with a bag of Fritos spilled all over her little jumper, tossing the Fritos bag around and around, happy and wide eyed, with so much to learn, so much to teach. It was such a gorgeous sight, and the two of them, the man on the floor and the baby in the stroller, seemed to go together so well and to say everything that needs to be said about anything.

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