Sunday, October 9, 1988

My glorious happy fantastic marvevelous day

From the Archives
Today, I was real bored, started fishing through the closet and spent way too much time reading stuff from elementary school and high school. What follows is the original stuff, with bad writing and cringe worthy statements. The only thing absent is the big handwriting and doodles.

To my family and my freinds Naheen and Devin

My sister is 5 years old. I am 7 years old. My sister's birthday is Nov. 3. My birthday is June 12. My hobbie's are swiming and tennis.
I did not have to go to Sunday School. At shcool we played all day. At lunch we had a food fight. A pie was on Zachery's face. We did not go to P.E. We were playing outside. It was fun. At dinnertime I went Disny land to eat with my family. At bedtime I climed out of my window, and got 10,000 free Domino's pizza's. I ate all them in 5 days. Then I went to sleep. Then I had a dream about Mary Poppins.