Sunday, December 24, 2000

the big bad wolf

>From: "charlie quiroz"
To: [daina]
Subject: who's afraid of the big bad wolf?? it's me, it's me. [SING IT NOW!!]
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2000 22:39:25 -0500

daina is a punk, how's life with you and whatnot, better?


today i think was my last day at borders since the x-mas season is over, i don't think they'll need me anymore

i just got back home from church with my family a little while ago, it was bad, first i fell asleep and kept nodding off and swaying during the sermon, then while they were preparing the eurachist and it was quiet and solemn in this packed church, i burst out lauging, me and my sister both had a wild seizure of giggles because the people ahead of us, a teen girl and her old mom danced (and i mean shook their fucking ass) to every single song, and these ain't no fun baptist songs, these are stodgy, organ-led catholic songs, and they were groovin away and in sync with each other -- i mean i just went hysterical, i have seriously not laughed that hard in years, meanwhile my mom is shushing me and being very embarrased, so finally i got up and walked out and laughed and laughed outside, and waited for my family and for mass to end

oh, and i got a huge ego booster at work today, this gay friend of one of my co-workers was there today and told me he had a crush on me after following me around the store and being all cute all day, but i wasn't really attracted to him, he was a little too gay, he had a really faggy voice, but he was pretty cute -- so i made up some bullshit and told him i was with someone at school and blah blah lie lie lie -- but i might end up calling him, he'd help my numbers

oh, and there was this french boy that i was stalking today in borders, he was so cute, and he had a girlfriend, but he was from paris, and he had the thickest accent and he was so hot, and i talked to him forever about books and photography, and i was so obsessed, but it was fun to flirt with a straight boy -- straight boys are so much more fun to hit on, i don't know why

jill scott is playing thursday in dc, and if i can scrape up some cash and if it's not sold out, i'm going, and i think nora might be up here then, so i might try to get her to go to, which would be a blast

daina, we'll be back at school soon, isn't that so exciting, get excited yo!! we're going to rock out the place, and we're going to get with shane. yeah baby, jan 2001, look out!!

hold down florida


gots to go before santa gets here