Sunday, October 22, 2000

and mass hysteria ensued

From: "charlie q"

To: [sarah]
Subject: mass hysteria ensued afterwards
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 18:37:38 EDT

sarah sarah bo barra bannanna fanna bo merra me my moe SAR-AH!
sarah, it is so wonderful to hear from you and to hear that life is crazy with you, that is what i like to hear,,
life here is pretty hectic too, charles is coming down again next weekend and so i'm excited about that, AND next weekend is halloween PCP,
i just started a new job yesterday, i'm a busboy at this really fancy french restaurant (i don't know if i ever told you this but i quit applebee'sw after like two days). the place is so rad, they fed me twice yesterday, and everyone is so nice, people wear like suits to eat there, it is so insane. but the owner wasn't there yesterday, so i didn't get to talk about pay, i don't know how often we get payed but i hope payday is this friday so i can buy shit for pcp on saturday, and i didn't get any tipshares last nite since it was my first day and i was in training but i think next time i work i do, so thats why i want to work this week, i have to call on tuesday to find out what my schedule is,
fall break was this week, tomorrow school starts again, it was so nice, i just lounged about all day and did none of the work that i planned on catching up on, i just partied like every nite,
and last nite, after i got off work was so so so fun, it was definitly the most fun nite i've had this school year -- - me, rebecca, arriana, robbie, and robert snuck into this party at the ringling museum, we hoped the fence to get in, it was really swank, everyone was in tuxes, so i just work black dress pants and a white shirt since i didn't have a tux, and the girls were nice black dresses-- it was like a $200 a person party, it was so fancy, and we got served drinks once we got in and danced until the party was over, then we stole a couple of the wine bottles that were sitting out on the tables and went back to school
so then at school me and lindsey and arianna finished off the two wine bottles, and went to the wall, it was so much fun, it was the best music that they've had a wall all year, and was just so crazy, then i took a lot of shots then i drank lots of beer, i was so trashed, i talked to shane (who i've been obsessed with since last year) for like half an hour and i sat on his lap, and we flirted so much even though hes so straight, but he was so trashed that he humored me and flirted back -- that made me so excited, then i flirted with all these random people( boys and girls) forever, then after the wall me and clay and lauren all started making out in the middle of palm court, and that was lots of fun, and then we started walking back to the dorms - we all realized how trashed we were, since we could barely walk and we were all about to pass out, that we all just went back to our rooms to puke and go to bed
well i'll more later. i'm going to go take a nap now, adios miss p --catch you on the flip side