Friday, November 5, 1999

michael stipe

HELLO joni!!!

how are you? soo sorry that i have not written to you in soo long, there have been many reasons. One, being that I've been busy. And two, being that my computer is broken right now and so too write e-mail i have to go all the way to the comp lab, and write with other people around, instead from the comfortableness of my own room.

anyways, i can't believe you cut your hair, what happened to growning dreads and looking more "ethnic" (he-he). But, I'm sure it still looks really good, how short is it? to the scalp, or longer? i want to see it.

now, i'll update you on my life. when i went home for fall break, i went to the homecoming game, which was kind of scary, seeing all those west potomac people, and there were lots, i saw practically all of our class there, it was kind of freaky, and made me realize why i love college so much and the people here. the only person i really enjoyed talking to there was jesse, he was his normal hilirious self. i saw ms. reynolds and she was nice and motherly as usual.

then i came back to school and was happy, it was so boring at home. i hated it, thats why i was so excited to get back because there was so much going on and so many people. All of my classes are going pretty well, except for Economics which there's a good chance of me not passing, but we'll see, i'm really not too worried about it.

LISTEN TO THIS: this is like one of the most exciting things that has happened to me at school. On Thursday, Michael Stipe (from REM, just in case you didn't know) was in town for the premiere of Being John Malkovich, which he co-produced. But, I couldnt go the premiere because I had class but I was quite upset that i didn't get to go, because lots of people did get to go and met him, they all told him to come to New College on Friday night to a party. He said he couldn't but at about 1 in the morning he was there (i think it must have been his manager who convinved to come, because his manager was a new college alum), and i just about fainted, it was a little too much excitiment. He came without secutity or anything and there were only about fifty students out. michael fucking stipe, it was so surreal, i couldn't even believe that he was casually sitting there. But it was very exciting. the entire night was way too much excitiment and far too surreal. i called my family to tell them at about 5:30 in the morning right after he left, they were a bit annoyed that i was calling so early, but i was beyond ecstatic.

so, then as if that weren't enough, than there was the halloween party on saturday, which is the biggest party of the year here, so many people came from lots of other FL colleges, there were hundreds of people here and thats a hell of lot for a school of 600. It was so wild, there were djs all over the place, there were so many ad-hoc bars, lots of people getting it on just about everywhere, huge giant puppets that fascinated me for so long since i was rolling. It was such a wonderfully crazy night and it lasted until about 11 in the morning. It was so awesome.

But, now i have the stomach flu (so the doctor thinks) or it might be he said a really mild appendisitis, and if it gets worse to call him immeaditly so i can get my appendix removed. So, thats not great news, but i'm having fun

And last night, me and Libby and India threw a b-day party for our friend Nora, and we got a male stripper, which was kind of funny; he wasn't all that hot, he was balding and hairy. But then Jerry, a studetn, started to strip and that was really exciting.

And i'm sorry its taken me so long to write to you. But, I've kept on starting to write a letter and then had to go do something so couldnt finish it, so i saved it, and over the past couple of days I've been adding to it, thats why its slighty sloppy, and the sense of time may not be linear.