Saturday, October 19, 1991

The Greatest Gift

From the Archives
Today, I was real bored, started fishing through the closet and spent way too much time reading stuff from elementary school and high school. What follows is the original stuff, with bad writing and cringe worthy statements. The only thing absent is the big handwriting and doodles.

undated - fifth grade

On June the twelfth, 1991, I got out of bed and got dressed. When I was putting on my socks, I heard some knocks on the door. Therefore, I dropped my socks and ran downstairs to open the door. It was my mom and dad holding my birthday present. They came into the house with this birthday gift. I opened it. It was a boombox with a compact disc player, radio, and tape player installed. Then my sister came downstairs with spots all over her face. We found out that Jamie had the chicken pox. Jamie cried a little and asked to go to the zoo. My mom said that we would.

We all got into the car and drove to the zoo. I turned my boombox on. The cows mooed (at the zoo-a cow?) We left the zoo. When we got home, it was 2:00 a.m. so I went to bed. I loved my greatest gift.