Thursday, October 19, 1989

I Am

From the Archives
Today, I was real bored, started fishing through the closet and spent way too much time reading stuff from elementary school and high school. What follows is the original stuff, with bad writing and cringe worthy statements. The only thing absent is the big handwriting and doodles.
I Am

I am too small to

  • drive a car
  • smoke
  • drink beer
  • swim in water 10 feet deep
  • jump off the diving board
  • go to high school
  • get married
  • get my license

I am too big to

  • go in the baby-pool
  • wear my baby clothes
  • suke bottles
  • go to preschool
  • be a baby
  • ride a tricycle
  • play with my baby toys

I am just right to

  • walk to school
  • cross the monkey bars
  • be in second grade
  • watch My Stepmother is an A-lien
  • ride a waterslide
  • ride a roller-coaster
  • make tortillas

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