Thursday, November 9, 1989

The Fieldtrips

From the Archives
Today, I was real bored, started fishing through the closet and spent way too much time reading stuff from elementary school and high school. What follows is the original stuff, with bad writing and cringe worthy statements. The only thing absent is the big handwriting and doodles.

To my friends at Bucknell and my Class. To my family and Mrs. Fells.

I have a sister named Jamie. I am 7 years old. I was in Mrs. Fell's class in 1988 and 1989 My Moms name is Mary Quiroz. My birthday is June 12 I was born in 1981

Nov. 7th and 8th 1988 was teacher's work day. It was the first day I went to the Museum at SACC. It was fun. We got to see lots of things. We went to see dead snakes. Then we went outside to play on the three-horned dinosar. It was fun. Then the day we went roller skateing. When we got there we took off shoes. Then we put on a pair of roller skates and stared to roller skate. Zackery kept falling down and it was funny. I was laughing. Then I fell down and Zackery laughed.


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