Thursday, April 15, 1999

New College Application Essay

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The essay that I sloppily wrote to make the New College application deadline on why I want to attend NC. Cringe-worthy, indeed.

As cheesy and as typical college-essayish as this may sound, there are many reasons why I would love to attend New College. I only wish I had found about the school earlier so I could have mailed in my application much earlier. The school’s unconventional approach to education greatly appeals to me. For example, the fact that there are no grades is a system I like very much so. Working and cramming to get a solitary letter seems like a vain struggle to me; I would much rather be intrinsically motivated and learn for the sake of bettering one’s self.

Many of my friends think New College is a joke school since it doesn’t have grades but I tell them (one of the other reasons I want to attend) that au contrair, it in fact is an excellent school with well-respected academics, particularly in the humanities and liberal arts, an area in which I plan to study either English or political science, possibly both. As if that weren’t enough, New College also offers much smaller classes compared to some of the large public universities to which I am applying. I think I’d learn a lot better in this environment since all the focus is put on undergraduates at this relatively small-sized school.

But, besides all these academic reasons, there are also other more social reasons why I would love to attend New College. I’ll come right out and say it, I won’t repress one of the reasons: the Florida climate. Plain and simple. Practically all of the other schools to which I am applying are up in the frigid north, and New College just looks so darn appealing, particularly now as I write this and snow steadily falls as I glance out my window about every thirty seconds, thinking of what else to say. Another social aspect that appeals to me is the absence of a frat scene, in which identities are lost and a line is drawn between the cool and socially awkward aka geeks (me). New College also seems liberally inclined which appeals to my super-leftist political views. But, that’s not to take anything away from the academic reasons, it just adds to them, and makes New College I school that I would ever so much lovvvvvvvve to attend.

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