Sunday, September 26, 1999

an example of bad writing


Sorry about the e-mail, but I really do hate forwards, and I sent the same letter to about four other friends, so don't take offense...anyways, let me update you on what has been happening in FL.

They canceled school here Monday night and all of Tuesday because we were supposed to be hit with a huge tropical storm (it missed us) but there was another huge hurricane party on Monday night, which was even more exciting than the last one. I got to trip with a lot of really cool people, one of them being Brit, that boy I told you about earlier that I really like. So we hooked up that night, and he was so sweet.

Then Wednesday was Libby's birthday, so me and Nora threw her a huge party in my room. We went door to door collecting money for alchohol and so practically the entire school showed up at the party, it was really cool. But, an off-campus kid came, and he drank way too much, he was groping everyone, and everybody was getting upset with him, then he passed out and my RA, Julia took him back to her room to crash, so the party continued, and in about 2 more hours by 4 all the alchohol had ran out and everybody except for a few people had gone to bed. So, I'm getting ready for bed--I brush my teeth, get in my pajamas, and am about to hop into bed, when...knock knock knock

so I go to answer the door and its my 2 RA's (who bought us the alchohol) and a cop, the cop asks me to go with them and we go to Julia's room where the paramedics are carrying the drunken boy away on a stretcher,, the meds ask me what we served and how much he drank,, then I had to go to the police station and fill out a statement about the drunken boy because they were going to file charges against him,, the cops were really cool,, and they didn't really care that we had alcohol they were just upset about the drunken boy who was harrasing everyone.

---then on fri after the wall, Brit asked me if I wanted to back to his room, so we were both very excited and we got to his room and

he had locked himself out, and we couldn't go back to my room, because my roommate was already asleep so then he just crashed on his neighbors couch and I went back to bed

then last night (sat) we "talked." We had The Talk about "us." He said that he didn't want a relationship, he just wanted casual sex, and I don't know how I feel about that. At first that's what I wanted, but now I really like him, and I don't want to get hurt so I dont know what to do.

He asked me if I wanted to go back with him to his room last night too, but I wanted to think about what I wanted to do, and so I told him that I had lots of work to do, and went with Nora and Anne to the beach. --I'm going to try and talk with him tomorrow, because during The Talk I was very reticent and didn't really tell him how I felt, I just said that whatever's fine. But I think I'm going to tell him that I really like him and I don't know if I want just casual sex. This what's been bothering me all day; I don't know what to do about this situation. But, we'll see what happens.

,, for the month of Jan, I think I'm going to be in New Hampshire interning on Bill Bradley's campaign so I'm excitied about that and hope I can get the internship.., so what's the jazz at GMU? I want to know all the gossip, I'm trying to write people more often, so hopefully you should be getting e-mails from me more frequently.


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