Friday, March 3, 2000

hello hello

sarah, sarah,

how are you? sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your e-mails, but I've had very little time to write, i am always reading, read read read, for my classes i have so much fucking reading it is so onerous, but it is great to hear that you are having a great time this semester, i've been having a pretty good time too, it' like five in the morning or some nonsense like that, i've been up all night writing essays for this RA application that's due to tomorrow. i just finished it, and so i can breath out and relax. me and my friend leslie are applying to be RA's next year, but we are most defintily not going to get it, we are the only two first years applying and they never pick first years to be RA's and there are so many second and third years applying, but hey there's no harm in applying. at worst i can be told that i didn't get it and at best i could be an ra next year

tonight, was a rather crazy nite, but most nights are here, like on tues nite or wed, there were these african drummers and dancers that came here after a performance at theater or something, this kid cody invited them to come play, so it was so awesome, lots of sutdents brought their drums and there was a huge drumming circle and dancing,, and the african drummers and dancers (who mind you dont even speak english, they only speak french) are still hanging around partying, they were partying like crazy tonite, it was pretty fun, that's why i had to write that applicaion cause i was running around playing. last night there was a lecture by this really awesome photographer and an exhibit of his work, he was so cool, i talked to him for a while and then there were a bunch of student made films that were show after that that were so good, and speaking of last night (actually Wed nite) the days fade into each other, i can never tell where it begins and ends, well anyways i was up till 8 in the morning, doing nothing, i couldn't sleep i was going crazy and everyone was asleep by about 1, so i read for a couple of hours and then at like 4.30 i went for a really long ride along the bay and i came back at 6 and went swimming, it was so serene, no one was anywhere to be seen, and the sun was just starting to poke its head out, i think i may just stay up for another hour tonite and go swimming again when i finish this letter so i can watch the sun rise again, its so pretty

oh and today (thurs) was the first day of this medieval fair which is happening right next to our campus, and lasts till sunday, i was supposed to work at it tomorrow (fri) but seeing how i'm supposed to work in 2 hours at 7

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