Thursday, November 9, 2000

alliteration at its best

Mary mary quite contrary and other lines you must have heard five million times:

did you hear, mr chorpennning won? that was exciting. How are things in texas, miss miller, and is it true what they say, is everything big in texas, if you know what im talking about, and im sure you do, becuase your mind is even further in the gutter than mine.

well, i just ate and so i feel that i must complain about the food. THe food is just as awful here; dinner is served at 4:30!!!!! and they stop serving it at 6, and the food is awful, thank god i have a microwave otherwise i'd die. And do you know how many times i am startving at about 9, i can't even tell you, its ridicoulous. It's not even like the food at home was all that great, but this is just baad! (Notice the extended 'a' to emphazise just how awful it really is.)

everyday me and nora whine about how we're not getting any, and stare at all the hot people that walk by us. There is however a boy here that i am obsessed over, literally. his name is Shane, ( and he's from texas, and according to what his best freind and girlfreind told me, he is big, in fact they even said huge, and this was volunteered info from one of his male freinds, so im thiinking its not hyperbole) he is so fucking gorgeous, except that he's kind of really straight, and kind of has a girlfriend, but i'm still obsessing over him. his girlfreind's anna, and i told her all about my obsession--she thinks its great, so he knows that im obsessed with him, but oh well, and now i have a mini licese plate that says shane that i stole form wal-mart and i carry it in my pocket everywhere (am i scaring you yet?) and i take it out to pet it and have other people pet it, everyone knows that im obsessed with him because i ask just about everyone to pet the license plate.

i have a job interview tomorrow at UPS, i might become a package handler from 4:30 am to 9:30 am on weekdays. That'll probably last for about two days until i get tired of waking up that early, but hopefully i'll get a UPS uniform and i can keep that.

today, i went to a Head Start location and took pictures for one of my class projects. The site is contaminated with arsenic, but the kids are still there, because they've determined it's not dangerous. And that really makes me mad, because i think that the only reason those kids are still there is because it's in a poor neighborhood. If they had found arsenic at a pre-school in a rich white suburban neighborhood, that place would be shut down so quickly, and those kids would be going someplace else. but, the sad thing here ( and the thing that upsets me) is that these kids really can't go any place else because Head Start helps underprivleged kids and so they probably wouldn't be able to afford to send their childern to day care, yet the county is claiming that they've done tests on the soil and determined that there's no serious health risks. I'm kind of excitied because the activist in me is starting to come out again.

And well, miss mary miller (alliteration at its finest), i must now depart.

--a charlie quiroz

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