Wednesday, November 21, 2001

twas the night before thanksgiving

so tomorrow's the big turkey day, and i have to wake up at 5 bum fucking o clock in the morning, so i can be at the airport to catch my 7 o clock flight to dc. i'm going home to see my family who i have not seen in so long and will be so so glad to see. although i am slightly concerned about flying on thanksgiving day into dc, what with this little war going on and everything. does that make me a big wimp? i'm not that scared, but it is definitly something that is in the back of my mind.

oh, and i have the hugest crush ever on this first year kid named mark. but my crush on marky mark seems very different than most of the crushes i have had in the past. this one does not seem like one wherein the crushee is totatlly objectified (ahem, shane, drew, andrew, etc.). marky mark just seems like such a rad person, and i'm sort of sad the semester is going to be over in less than three weeks, because i would like to try to make this boy my boyfriend.

but, hopefully i can at least get to make out with him. he was working in the mailroom today, and i stopped in to ask if i had any mail (why does this sound like the start of some bad erotica writing in playgirl or some such shit?), and then i sat down and talked to him while he was working. he seemed slightly uncomfortable, but hopefully that's a good nervousness thing, and not oh-dear god-some-boy-is-hitting-on-me uncomfortableness.

and i just stared at the back of his neck and his hair as we talked and he put mail and victoria's secret catalogs in everyones boxes. and his neck was so cute, his skin was just super-smooth and this really nice white complexion. i know this is really horrible but i really do have a think for white boys with brown hair. whiteness is so hot, i don't know if i've just been totatlly mystified by popular body images in the media, or if this some sick product of me being mixed, where i idolize ideas of whiteness. really nice complexioned white skin is the most beautiful sight in the world (on a boy, of course). perhaps, that's enough aryan youth ramblings, but basically this marky mark boy is so cute. ps, he likes too dance which is so fucking cool, that's like 50 million cool points just for that alone.

oh, i took naked pics of bo at the crossley estate, hopefully they'll turn out good, however i don't think that they will cause i had the aperture on a really bad setting. but after we hiked back to my car at college hall, i appearantly sped out of there like a bat of hell when i backed up, and then i got very excited by the dirt road, and picked up speed. i always high tail it on that part of college drive where it's that dirt road detour. driving through the dirt fast makes me feel like mad fucking max or something, with visions of tina turner singing 'we don't need another hero.' my fantasy, was interupted however by the blue lights of new college's finest. i got pulled over and got a warning for going 40 on a 15 road which i think he might have been lying about, he said he clocked it, but how do i know that he just didn't guesstimate, you know?

my to do list:
-get my fucking life together
-apply for mcsweeneys internship
-find someone to move into my room
-think of an isp
-ask mark out on "a date" (aka - hey mark, you should really come watch this movie with me and bonnie)
-call borders about working there over x-mas
-start worrying about where i'm going to live in ny
-get money from the sac
-do the layout for lush hopefully by wed
-and then oh dear god, paper upon paper upon paper

okay and i just saw amelie, which was the cutest movie ever, and throughout they told all of the character's loves and hates

so things i love: marky mark, getting annonymous cards, talking to really smart people, having crushes, eating whole cans of olives in one sitting, warm underwear right out of the dryer

things i hate: that cat smell that some rooms have, jelly, people that are to cool to be bothered, people that won't jump in the pool with their clothes on, the odorific smell that my shoes have recently taken on of nastiness

and, i have to pack and go to bed, and make sure to wake up otherwise my mom'll throttle me if i miss my flight

h to the izzy v to the izzay, remember when i used to play ball down in v a

Va, here i come, whoo, i love virgina so much, and it'll be nice and cold and smell like fall. oh -- add the smell of fall to things i love.


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