Saturday, July 19, 2003

Maggie Ray! Of all people to run into, of all the people that I have been hoping to run into, I run into Maggie Ray right around the corner from my house. She is flying out today, but is moving here for good in three weeks, and this makes me so happy.

In other news, my job threatened to fire my yesterday, my toilet is in pieces all over my kitchen as plumbers try to fix the running water, and in an hour or so, I am leaving for Coney Island to rock and roll to bands I have never heard at the Siren Music Festival. And Cake is singing, "And sometimes for music that you haven't even heard of!" But, it's a free show, that's how I afford my rock n' roll lifestyle. Thursday, I did however, pay ten dollars to see the High Strung and Mates of State, both of whom were quite excellent.

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