Sunday, September 2, 2007

The water at Atlantic City was warm, so much warmer than I was expecting, being used to the somewhat chilly ocean waters of New York. It felt nice to wade in it, even nicer to do so as the sun was setting and the sky was an explosion of pinks. Skeeball was played, tickets were won and were exchanged for trinkets, a rabbit foot. Slot machines were played, dollars were lost, and the rabbit foot did us no good. There were however numerous free drinks provided by the cocktail waitresses. Niki wanted to eat cheap buffet food. We found the one cheap buffet place, and as you can maybe tell from Niki's facial expressions in that picture, the food was terrible, some of the most terrible food I have eaten in recent memory. We then got on a bus home and nearly had to rough up the two old ladies sitting behind us. The one sitting behind me complained about my seat, asking me not to lean it back. I told her that maybe she should find another seat. That was the last I heard from her. The woman behind Niki alleged that somehow Niki's reclined chair kept smashing her fingers. We fell asleep, chairs reclined, talking about wrestling, darkness inside the bus and out its windows.

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