Thursday, February 3, 2011

los angeles

I am writing this from the Chateau Marmont right now. Jacob is passed out asleep on the bed, not responding to my attempts to wake him up. I am listening to the Cure and I am writing here for five or so minutes before I get more serious about dragging him out of bed and to somewhere in this town to act like a loose floozy. Also, there is a cocktail by my side as I write this. We flew here some three or four days ago, it blurring now, flying here a day early to escape the winter storm that was headed our way. We spent our first night here at his friend's house, sleeping on the floor, cats running around, my eyes itching. We left early the next morning with little sleep, ate some breakfast burritos and went to go walk around near the Hollywood sign, doing the requisite posing for photographs. We went to the La Brea tar pits and then we checked into the Standard Hollywood and then walked around West Hollywood, looking at the gay boys, looking for things to do, food to eat, drinks to drink. We found all of these things at a gay Mexican place, ate bad tacos, drank large margaritas, and scoped the boys walking up and down Santa Monica.

Later that night, we went to Bardot to Mr. Black's, a familiar name from New York, that was actually quite fun. There was this young Keanu lookalike who I was following around the place, making eyes at. Judy Garland's star was nearby. More photo opportunities clearly.

Yesterday, we went to a cute breakfast and then went to the Getty Center, which was a little boring - really beautiful but boring and large and buildings spaced apart for some reason, too close to evoking a suburban office park. A couple of interesting things. Gorgeous views of Los Angeles. We came back to the hotel, rested, and then went to see Men play at Amoeba. There, we ran into Will and chatted with him for a bit. We came back to the hotel and walked to Hamburger Mary's to play some bingo, where I won a huge gift basket full of snacks and wine and chocolate. We had to come back after that to drop off this large basket and that was the end of our night, plans dashed. We passed out easily, abandoning our plans to go here or there.

Today, we woke up, ate another nice breakfast, really the only meals we have been consistently having, this time at Toast. From there, we went to some vintage stores in Los Feliz where I found some really amazing items. And from there, we went to Griffith Park and the Observatory. We then checked into the Chateau, which is insanely beautiful and in which I feel quite out of place, an interloper. We played ping pong near the pool, and then settled into the restaurant to drink some cocktails and eat a burger. We were sitting next to a hip director and a Law and Order star and it was a bit absurd, what a cartoon of LA might be. But more importantly, there was a hummingbird nearby! A hummingbird!

Time to wake Jacob up and maybe have martinis at Bar Marmont before heading in the opposite direction, going to the trashiest gay bar we can find.

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