Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the time in which a face masks dries

The weather has been unseasonably warm and it has brought out something in me, brought out a spring fever, a summer fever. That fever has been accompanied, perhaps the real source of the fever, by heavy drinking. My body feels like shit and it will be a couple of days probably until it gets the rest it desperately needs.

Despite finally feeling better yesterday after my bender of drinking on Sunday night that had me fall asleep and miss my stop not once, but twice on the subway, encouraged yesterday by a new friend from work, Darnell, I hung out in the beautiful weather on the Christopher Street Piers drinking a bottle of wine from deli coffee cups. It did not end there, as my body has a very difficult time saying no, and the two of us walked across town to International Bar to have drinks with Erica. That continued until Jacob joined us and then the two of us had a drink at Tradesmen before heading home to watch Drag Race.

Today, my stomach was in knots as it tried to process all the cheap well whisky I drank at International Bar. There was a Roisin Murphy song stuck in my head all day and that made things bearable until I could come home and take a brief nap.

I woke up and the lines, "I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me," were still drifting like rings of smoke up and away from my fuzzy brain. A cup of tea and a facial mask will hopefully restore me to some level of presentability, that and this Roisin song. I'm going to join some friends at ten for a free dinner at a new restaurant that is about to open, a restaurant I would never be able to afford on my own, so about which I am so excited. But drinks are also included which means tomorrow the cycle will probably repeat and then I am going to Jacob's show in the evening after work. Roisin may or may not be the song stuck in my head tomorrow.

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