Thursday, April 12, 2012


I wanted to jerk off with this one dude. We were seated across from each other in the steamroom. We would touch our cocks lightly through our towel but not look at each other. I looked at him. He was too beautiful to make eye contact, or thought he was, or I thought he was. I didn’t really care so much about the eye contact. He could be admired, adored, if that was what he was after, and it probably was, and I was more than okay with that, was game. This was a body meant to be adored, a body near perfect. He was bulky with muscle, all of it very defined. He was a pornographic drawing, a Tom of Finland sketch. He was black, with a close fade and a diamond stud in one of his ears. Whenever he would stand up to shower off and come back into the steamroom, his towel barely hung on to the top of his ass, the peak of the crack showing, his sculpted back directing your eyes down to that point, this spot where the body bulged out abruptly with this rack of an ass.

He would touch his crotch ever so lightly, enough for me to feel comfortable touching mine more than a little lightly but not any more so. This was a butterfly. I didn’t want to scare him off. Gentle movements.

There were other people around not jerking off and the flirtation never went anywhere. I stood underneath a cold shower washing off the sweat, thinking other things might be washed away as well. And certainly some things were. The horniness, the desire, though, went nowhere. I went back into the steamroom wanting something, wanting to jerk off, to look at male bodies and touch myself as they touched themselves, to rub my dick in a haze of heat and steam and flesh.

It was slow to take off. The room was full of guys but it was clear to me that everyone was looking for this same thing, that that’s why we were all still in here lingering with our hands hanging just so over our crotch. I started to rub my cock through my towel. A couple of other guys did as well. This allowed me to be a little more blatant. They became so as well. Soon we all grouped up in a corner of the steamroom, everyone stroking their own dicks, spreading out their legs so that their legs made contact with other bodies, with human flesh, male flesh. There was this sexy man next to me. I rubbed his thighs and shot my load pretty quickly after this long buildup. I let my boner subside and then stood up and walked out to the showers, the beautiful scene still happening, these guys who minutes ago had their genitals covered and darted their eyes nervously around the room looking for someone else to give them the green light, someone else to share their desire, and who now were all proudly giving into their desires, stroking their cocks, making eye contact, sexy eye contact, or not, but making sexy faces regardless as they worked their way up to something and for this brief moment let themselves drop the faces they wear all day otherwise. 

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