Friday, February 15, 2013

white light, green sauce, red heart

A meterorite crashed somewhere in eastern Russia some hours ago and I have been watching the footage shot from various locations of a bright light streaking across the sky. I have been watching and rewatching these clips this morning, fascinated, awed, and slightly terrified by our precarious existence.

I was hanging out after work yesterday at the John Dory Oyster Bar with some co-workers and, it being Valentine's Day and all of us single, we talked about romance, about being single, about not being single. Like single people will defensivley do sometimes, someone remarked about how stupid it is to be in a relationship, wondered why people did it.

It's because we are all afraid of dying, I said, that it's nice to have someone in your bed at night, to believe that you might not be alone in this universe, that it's a defense against existential panic.

When I watched that meterorite streak across the sky again and again this morning as soon I woke up, I thought about how if it was indeed the end of the world, I would have no one to cling to as fire consumed us all.

For lunch yesterday, I had Taco Bell and whiskey with a friend. For dinner, I had a burrito, a terrible burrito from a Mexican diner by my house. I passed out on my couch soon after eating it, drunk from numerous pints at John Dory. I watched lots of clips on YouTube yesterday morning of people singing songs about their love of burritos. This morning, it is videos of meterorites streaking across Russian highways as cars drive on, just another burning flash across a blue sky.

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