Monday, July 29, 2013

Enter Sandman

He was cute, really cute. He was wearing 70s style running shorts, short things showing off his nice legs. He was either just coming from or just heading to the gym. It was real easy to imagine what his body looked like underneath his clothes. In fact, it was too easy. I soon realized that I already knew what his body looked like underneath these clothes, that this guy was even sexier than I thought, that his body was insanely ripped.

I had flirted with this person on Scruff months and months ago. We had exchanged nude pictures and talked about how much we wanted to such each other's dicks - lots of dirty talk, lots of trading dick pics. It was one of those heavy flirtations that never went anywhere for some reason, for once not because of my own laziness or half-interest.

So I was staring at him on the train today as I was headed to class, hungry as anything. I wanted this person. I wanted his dick in my mouth. I wanted to take down those little running shorts, to take off that tight shirt, to consume this person. I think he could spot my hunger, my eyeing of him. I don't think he recognized me from chatting with him on Scruff a few months ago, probably just thought I was some horny creep eyeing him on the F train (which, duh, I am).

He got off at York Street, the same stop I got off at. It takes forever to get out of that station. There is a long tunnel to get to a long staircase to get to a long ramp until you get to the other set of long stairs that you take to finally get out of the station. At the exact moment as I was about to get off the train behind him, Metallica's "Enter Sandman" started playing on a podcast I was listening to. There is no better song to blast in your headphones as you follow a sexy man you want to have sex with through a long series of underground tunnels than Metallica's "Enter Sandman." Not one song better. This song is the only song you should be playing during such circumstances. It makes you feel so theatrically creepy and sinister and you are absolutely okay with that because the scene is just so badass with this rocking song that you have on as you march ahead banging your head back and forth mouthing the lyrics to this song.

I shaved my head a couple days ago. The blonde is gone. I was tired of it, tired of dying it, but I already miss it. I miss not only having hair, but also having some cute hair-do that people complimented me on. I am not used to seeing myself like this. I also know I look less cute with a buzzed head than with the white hair. I knew this already right after doing it, but saw this expressed in the face of a lot of people who saw my hair today, telling me they were sad to see the blonde hair go.

Other things of note:
-Orange is the New Black is amazing.
-Russia is fucked up.
-My bathroom ceiling has fallen and my landlord told me to call him on Thursday about it.
-There was a trail of white powder on the sidewalk from the subway back to my apartment tonight. I had no idea what it was.
-There was a trail of potato chips on the entire first flight of stairs in my apartment building that someone had failed to clean up and that will probably be there for a week until I get sick of looking it and clean it up since no one else in my building ever picks up their trash in the hallways.
-I kind of want to move out of Bushwick and quit spending so long commuting.
-I want to be on a beach with a joint in my hand.
-I want to be sucking this guy's dick that I saw on the train today.
-I want to be eating tacos.

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