Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Won't you be my wagon wheel?"

The Williamsburg Bridge is always there. Take more advantage of it. Sometimes a walk over it may be just the thing you needed that you didn't even know you needed.

I was down in South Williamsburg taking photos along the waterfront of the skyline and then decided that I should walk over the bridge into Manhattan. No real reason to do so, but it seemed nice and it had been a while since I had walked over it. You can really get lost in thought on that walk. You are walking through the clouds in various senses of that phrase.

I walked to Trader Joe's and bought some bottles of Charles Shaw. I came home and took of my shoes and socks. One of my socks was soaked in blood. I had put a band-aid on the back of my foot before heading out today but the blood soaked through that, soaked through a beautiful pink sock. Last night, I dressed up as Rihanna from the "Pour it Up" video and was wearing six inch stripper heels that tore up my feet. I got in a car outside of Metro last night to take me home and immediately tore off these heels and tried massaging some feeling back into my feet. I hobbled barefoot from the car up to my apartment building, heels in hand, a mess of a sight.

"You're going to reap just what you sow." We sing this line over and over again, an incantation.

Lou Reed is dead and is very much so alive. I am listening to Transformer right now and his voice is stirring up all kinds of things inside me. The news of his death came as a shock to me when I read it this morning on Facebook. It made me quite sad for reasons that I am not necessarily sure of. This is a man who lived a very full life and influenced the contemporary world in a way few others have and who left behind a great body of work. This man helped shape the idea of New York that I attached myself to, that I dreamed about before moving here. A great deal of what I believed New York to be, wanted it to be, was the type of life he sang about with the Velvet Underground and on his own later on, especially on Transformer, an album I have listened to innumerable times. It was that particular attitude, that particular voice that I wanted to live, wanted to be surrounded by. I wanted to live in his city.

And I just want to eat Doritos with you and drink Charles Shaw wine and listen to this album as we play Scrabble together. But I have homework to do. I have to work at seven and desperately need to get some sleep tonight since I know the rest of the week will provide very little of it. And perhaps most importantly of all here for why this won't happen is that there is no particular "you" being referenced here, just a vague unfocused longing for something, someone, making it that much harder to text this concept to see if they would like to come over and join this entirely theoretical Doritos, Charles Shaw, and Lou Reed Scrabble party.

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