Thursday, January 5, 1989

This is How You Feel When You Are a Snowman

This is how make a snowman. First you roll a snowball. And then you roll it more bigger. And then you put a pipe for the mouth. I am a snowman, and I have a carrot for my nose. And I have three snowballs on me. And I'm by the candy store. And it is fun. And I am made out of snow. When I melted I melted in June. And I did not like it. And then it was hot. People threw snowballs at me. And I am a snowman. And I am made out of snow.Charlie Q is six years old. He is in first grade. The people in his family are Mom, Daddy, and Jamie. Charlie's favorite activities are playing tennis, riding his scooter, gymnastics, and playing football. Whne Charlie grows up, he wants to be a movie star.

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