Friday, September 15, 1989

The Scary Alien

FromFrom the Archives
Today, I was real bored, started fishing through the closet and spent way too much time reading stuff from elementary school and high school. What follows is the original stuff, with bad writing and cringe worthy statements. The only thing absent is the big handwriting and doodles. Notice that it is dedicated to Mr. Fells and my teacher's name was Ms. Fells - not sure if that was on purpose or not.

To Micah, Mr. Fells, Naheem, Elise, Mom, and dad

My birthday is June 12. I was born in the year 1981. I was born in Tampa Bay, FL.
One night I was at the Movies, I was with my family. I saw Roger Rabbit at 10:00 PM. I ate Sour Patch kids. Then I came home and I thought I saw a big hairy Alien. It had brown hair. It looked like an anteater. It was right next to me. But it was my big Alf Alien. He was medium-size. When I found out I was laughing so hard that I fell off my bed. My Mom said what are you doing? The End.

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