Tuesday, December 14, 1999


i have not heard from you in a while, how are things in fl? do you know casey's e-mail address, if not do you know anne's, i need to talk to casey and see if I can still get a ride with her down to fl for new year's.

i went to ups training yesterday and i was supposed to start working today, but (surprise!) I overslept, and so I'm hopefully going to start tomorrow. It's been cold and rainy here for the past few days.

i have some exciting news now nora (notice alliteration). And this is news is REALLY exciting. Well, i guess it depends on how you look it. Today, I saw in ad in a local weekly paper that said, (this is verbatim) "Wanted: Submissive GWM 18-30 max. nude actor, slender swimmer's build, to appear in private, not for sale, spanking video. Will pay $100-$200 for a short 30-minute performance. 703/597-****." So, I thought: Two hundred bucks that's a hell of a lot of money for thirty minutes and since I have no money and need to buy my family x-mas gifts, I should do this. Hey, why not utilize all those Intro to Acting skills!

So, I called today, and I was so nervous, I don't know how you went into that strip club, and he's a dirty old man who said some hilirious things, like "There's just no good spanking videos in porn stores." And, he continued on his tirade about the need for good spanking videos. If I got the part, his roommate would be doing the spanking (the dirty old man who wants a quality spanking video will be doing the filming) his roommate is 32 y.o., 6'0'' and 160 pounds, and (keep in mind that this all according to the guy on the phone) very attractive. I'm going to their house tomorrow night for an interview and so they can see my body. Do you know how nervous I was talking just on the phone, I don't even know if I'll be able to knock on their apartment tomorrow--I'm going to be so nervous. and, I'm also nervous if I get the part, because the guy on the phone was like "you don't have to have sex or anything but we want you to have a hard-on during the spanking and be turned on obviousley". You don't how strong a possibility it is that I will not get a hard-on, I'm either going to be so incredibly nervous or I will want to laugh. i seriously doubt that i will get "turned-on", spanking is the unsexiest, funniest thing to me. So, I'm rather worried about my interview tomorrow.

But, hopefully I'll get the part and make a good $200 off these dirty men. And, I don't know what I'm going to tell my parents tomorrow night when they ask where I'm going. I can't say I'm going X-mas shopping because then my parents would tell me take my sister because she's been wanting to go forever. And, I can't say that I'm going to hang out with a friend, because I know that that person would call me while I was gone, and my parents would be ike "Isn't he with you?" and chaos would ensue. I would normally tell that freind not to call me that night, but that would require me telling them what I was going to do, and i don't know how accepting or supporting they'd be of me trying out for a spanking video, this isn't new college, they'd be so appalled, I couldn't even imagine.

so, isn't that exciting? write back miss norita, has anne come to visit you yet? have you heard from her about rob? how'd that go? well adios nora, have a wonderful day or night (depending on when you read this)

-charlie q

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