Sunday, January 2, 2000

leslie leslie bo beslie bannana fanna foe feslie me my moe meslie LES-LIE!

From: "Maurice Q"
To: [redacted]
Subject: leslie leslie bo beslie bannana fanna foe feslie me my moe meslie LES-LIE!
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2000 17:43:26 EST
sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. happy new year, its now 2000 and the 21st century, isn't that absoloutly wild, i still dont believe it..
well, after that failed stint at UPS, i worked for my dad for a couple days at this car dealership, that was rather boring, but at least i got some money.
how is your isp going? i'm leaving for new hampshire tomorrow morning to work for bill bradley, and then i'm coming back to new college on either the night of feb.2 or the morning of feb.3, are you excited about going back, i'm getting excited, are you still unsure of whether you like it or not? i'm getting real excited for our wall--i've been getting lots of songs and music for our wall, im quite excitied.
i'm not even packed yet for my flight tomorrow,it's going to be so cold in nh, and i don't even have a bed, they told me to bring a sleeping bag because i'll be sleeping on the floor, so that kind of stinks but oh well it might be fun, it might be like a big sleep over or something.
all of my family was over here for new years and they just left a while ago, and thats a good thing becuase i was getting really annoyed last class.
and at one point you asked me what classes i was going to take next semester, i know i'm definitly going to take the Interamerican World, and Intensive Kafka, and Into to Acting 2, but other than that i still dont know what i'm taking, there are so many classes that i want to take that are offered at the same time.
and speaking of next semester, there will be no anna or shane (weep weep) they'll be in brazil, i guess i'll need to find new people to obsess over,
well adios leslito, i must start packing, i'll try writing you from nh too, hopefully i'll have access to the internet, otherwise i'll cry, but if i don't i guess i'll see you in february, but hopefully ill have access to the internet
--charlie q

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