Wednesday, January 12, 2000


From: "Maurice Q"

To: [leslie]
Subject: bradley
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 22:00:28 EST

hey guess what?
i met mister bill bradley today, these past 48 hours have been exciting: john mccain, mtv, bill bradley, and dick harnes. today when i went to go get breakfast, i met another guy running for prez: dick harnes, he's running on the republican ticket and his thing is a free car for everyone basically, he's absolutly crazy and when i was talking to him i couldn't believe he was serious.
then i went out canvassing today and that was relativly unremarkable, then i went to the manchester hq, and bradley gave a speech there, afterwords i briefly met him, i got to shake his hand, get my picture with him, and i asked him a question, he was fairly cool for the minute that i got to meet him.
than later tonight at 7, i went to a town hall meeting at new hampshire college, where i got to hear bradley again, it was such a moving speech on campaign finance reform, bradley is so inspiring, i was so affected by his speech--it was so good, and then there was q and a, and an actual town hall meeting, it was so cool, this is definitly one of the coolest things i've ever done, now i think i definitly want to get involved in politics, this is where it's at, while i just wrote to tell you that i got to meet bill fucking bradley and i am very excited, it's been such a great day, bradley for president, a new man for a new millenium, i'm so gung-ho about bradley now its crazy, he's so awesome and brilliant.
smile, laugh, and vote
charlie q

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