Friday, January 7, 2000

new hampshire is a blast

From: "Maurice Q"

To: [leslie]
Subject: new hampshire is a blast
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 21:45:46 EST

hey --
i got to nh on monday morning, it was in the mid-50's, i was so mad, i wanted to see snow and there was absoloutly none of it, then i went to the manchester headquarters and worked there that day, and they were confused about my housing situation so i went some place in wester nh, with daniel and slept on the floor, but on the way there the rv he was driving crashed in the mcdonalds drive-thru because it was too tall, all it was quite a scene, i had to try really hard not to laugh
then on tuesday, i dropped off lit on peoples doors in western nh, its such a pretty state, i absoloutly love it here, or at least the scenery, the work's not a blast, then on tuesday night i stayed with the nicest old couple in the world, they were so cute they even slept in seperate beds, and i talked to them at their table for about two hours and they tried to teach me how to play cribbage, i still don't have a clue how to play it, but they were so rad, i loved them, then the next day i had to get up at five, and drive across the state with daniel in the rv to durham, at like 7 in the morning in freezing weather we stood on a road holding up bradley signs for an hour, i was about to cry, it was so cold and i just wanted to go home,
then later on wednesday, we went to a pro-choice speech bradley was giving in new market, and had a little rally, i got to see bradley that was kind of cool.
then we went to someone's house in durham we, we painted ourselves, there were at lest fifty of us there. we all painted our faces, and i painted me chest, i was the e in bill bradley, and stood outside for nearly two hours in twenty degree weather. it was so wild, there was so much fighting between the gore and bradley people, it was kind of silly and there was so much so press
then i stayed in a huge house on a lake and had to sleep on the floor, there were people everywhere, it was crazy--there were like 15 people.
then i am now working in concord, i love it here, its so much better than in western nh, it a little city, its kind of cool, its really fun, i have to run now, i'll write more later,
adios and lots of love

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