Wednesday, January 12, 2000

shane and real world dreams

From: "Maurice Q"
To: [redacted]
Subject: shane and real world dreams
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:18:13 EST
hows your isp going, everything well in memphis, whats the jazz, i want to hear all about your isp, does it involve neuroscience, what exactly are you researching, and tell me more about this publishing thing, are you going to be publish your findings, that would be so cool, i hope it happens, i'm getting very excited for you, tell me more about it!
it's going to be so insane to go back to nc, i'm going to be so confused, everything's going to be so different, not to mention the absence of shane and anna. mmm, dreams about shane will just have to suffice.
what do you think about nc? i'm starting to think about transferring too, i've met lots of people here that go to really good small new england schools and i'm beginning to question the quality of education, i think its a limited education, i dont know, i love nc but i think it has its shortcomings
it is so crazy up here, i love it, we got no sleep, we work 7 days a week for 12-14 hours a day and i absolutly love it, and the commute to the house i'm staying at is about an hour from concorde, where i'm working right now. oh, and listen to this--last night at Matt's apartment (he's the person in charge of the Concorde office) MTV news was going to be there, they were filming the lives of campaign workers for a story they were going to do, and being as how one of many goals in life is to be on Real World and how much i love the sleaziness of MTV, i wanted to go, and Matt said we could go to his place in Manchester if we wanted, and so me and Andrew (a really cool guy thats also interning up here) went and stayed there with the hopes of some exciting MtV thing transpiring, but it was very sedate, there was only one cameraman, and he just filmed us going to sleep on the floor and waking up, he talked to us for about two minutes. there were about ten people there all with the hopes of being on mtv, it was rather dull and most likely the story won't air, if it does i'll be very surprised.
and so now i'm back in concord, and in the same clothes i wore yesterday and without a shower since all of my stuff was at the beach house, like 2 hours away from matt's house. then this afternoon, bill bradley's going to be here, he's going to be in manchester, and so later this afternoon, we're all going to down there, and here him talk and hopefully add him to my growing list of famous people i've briefly encountered (michael stipe, john mccain, etc.)
well, i'll write you more soon, hopefully something interesting will happen to me at manchester today, and i have to run
adios and have fun,
charlie q

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