Monday, April 24, 2000


From: "Me"

To: [joni], [joni]
Subject: yeah yeah and the bluesman was color blind so was the cop who i askedaboutmybike
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:36:27 EDT

howdy y'all

happy easter, today is the day of resurrection, a celebration of life and renewal and the sun shined gloriously all day today and there was a cool breeze and it was such a lovely florida spring day and you are alive and so am i so yippy yi ki yay

how's your life going, was the easter bunny good to you

my life is going fairly well, it's bordering between sunday and monday, weekend and week, easter and not easter, night and day, it's somewhere around 3.30 and i have massive amounts of reading that i'm trying to get done before class tomorrow and life is going wonderfully,

friday i went and saw these three short love plays with some friends that made me want somebody to love, and yes spring is here, and i am yearning for spirituality, excitment, and somebody to fuck or love

and after the play there was there really awesome reggae band that i watched perform, they were really cool and fun to dance to

then saturday i had a really long interview over the phone that went extremly well for a job this summer in either little rock, st. louis, or boston -- the interview went so so well and so i think i have a pretty good chance of getting the position, but again trying not to count chickens before they hatch and living holistically, not towards an endpoint so taking in the moments that i currently reside in

then sat nite was fetish ball, lots of people in phallic costumes, lots of people in tight black leathry s and m clothing, lots of breasts, lots of random fetishes, i dressed like my fetish, mr king of pop himself, yes yes michael jackson, white glove et all, i even learned how to do the moonwalk for it, so it was really fun, and this wild girl anna came back sat from brazil, shes been there since december, and that just made my night the fact that she was back, she is honestly the wildest person i have ever encountered, and an aura of excitement surrounds her like a cloud, and everyone is pulled into her orbit, including me, she's like the cool naughty boy everyone wanted to be friends with in elementary school, she gave a guy a bloody eye last night -- she lunged him over her head and he landed on his head, his brow scraping against the ground,

and i am not reading, trying to postpone it by writing e-mails, and checking my e-mail and playing on the net, and having random conversations with people, and everything but reading, but as its nearing 4, people are starting to retreat to their beds to have dreams only they are privy too, and i want to sleep -- i'm tired and rambling about nonsensical things as i tend to do when tired, but have to read read read and stream of conciousness is always fun

and read read read so i have to go, and i tell myself its because i have to read . . .

-charlie q

and yeah yeah

the other day a cop asked me if i was color blind cause i went to the cop shop to tell them about my stolen bike and to see if they had found it and he asked me if i was color blind because they had found a purple bike, and why do cops always refer to each other by their last name, like vickers the cop i talked to about my bike, and more random thought would i love to pontificate but i must read, read, .. .. read

-adios (this time i mean it)

charlie q

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