Thursday, April 13, 2000

what howls restrained by decorum

how are things in the north, miss new jersey, thank you for the card and for being, and for everything you do that makes you shimmer, and me smile
ahh, i haven't written to you in so long, i'm alive, three near death encounters in the past week though.
near death encounter #1: last thursday or some nondescript day like that, I woke up and my foot was huge. We're talking life elephant man like swollen. so i went to the clinic and they thought it was a spider bite, so they gave me a presription for something to cure me.
near death encounter #2: and so i biked to eckerd to get the prescripton fell and i was like feeling athletic or something so i'm like i can hop this two foot tall curb, obviously i was not able to and went down in flames, i ended up somehow getting my leg caught under bike in the fall, so it's all bruised, and my chain fell off so i had to repair my bike halfway between school and eckerd.
near death encounter #3: two days ago i made some macoroni and chReese (the vegan crap) to eat, and after i ate it, i couldn't breathe, i was having like an asthma attack except i'm not asthmatic, so it was really scary and i almost died, i thought i was going to have to go the hospital
and i went to the hospital for similar reasons last friday night -- my friend india, couldn't breathe and then started inflating basically, she got puffy and huge and so an ambulance came, and then my friend leslie and i went to the hospital and were there till like 6 in the morning, she's fine now but they shot her up with a bunch of stuff to make her well again, that was kind of scary
but not everything is near death experiences here, last saturday was so much fun, it was queer ball, a huge party slash dancy thing where evertyone dresses in drag and some brave people perform in the drag show, it was so much fun, i wore the gaudiest red dress ever, it was nothing but sequins, it was so fun, me and nora, anne, and phil were doing esctasy and acid, it was rather insane, and we rode in anne's car there, but of course she locked her keys in the car, and its within walking distance but we were cold and didn't feel like walking back to our dorms when we wanted to go back, so we asked the cop for a ride back kiddingly and we rode in the back of a cop car tripping and in drag, it was so scary, but it was definilty exciting. and it was just such a great great night with dancing and random people all over the place and drugs and friends and everyone you know in drag acting insane, it was such a great night except for one thing, at like 5 in the morning, i wanted to go back to queer ball, and i wanted to ride my bike but i couldn't find it, i forgot to lock it up which i usually do when there's big parties like queer ball with tons of off-campus people but i forgot to, and i could not find it, since i was fucked up and coming down, i was crying because i couldn't find it and i wandered all over campus looking for it (you don't understand how much i loved my bike, i rode it everyday everywhere, i went on biking adventures all the time, and it was such a nice bike, it's like my lungs, i just cannot function without it) but i found leslie, and forgot about my bike and we found community bikes and went back to queer ball-- oh, and somewhat related, i have so much empathy for girls now, after shaving my legs and wearing heels, and make-up and all that crazy stuff you guys to do meet society's standards.
and i have so much shit do get done this weekend, it is going to be insane, tomorrow night i'm going to go see this german opera so that's exciting, the vagina monolgues were performed here last week and they were so awesome, i love that play love love love. i have 3 papers to write this weekend and so so so much reading, plus i'm filling out all this applications and essays for jobs this summer and to be an admissions intern next year, it's insanity.
there's three things that i'm applying to do this summer, one is interning in ny for the the new party, another is interning in missoula for some progressive group (that's the one i really want to do, i would be so excitied if i got to work in mon fuckin tanna), and i'm also applying to be a research assistant on campus, doing some GIS systems work. that would be pretty cool, but we'll see what happens happens
happens happens happening, what is happening with you
love and all those other positive emotions directed towards you
charlie q happened, happens and will happen
oh and camille paglia fucking rocks, i am reading her right now and so in love with everything she has to say,

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