Tuesday, May 2, 2000

she blinded me with science

From: "Maurice Q"

To: [joni]@hotmail.com
Subject: she's poetry in motion . . . she blinded me with science
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 01:17:12 EDT

joni joni,

i don't know. when are you coming to visit new college? when am i coming to visit rutgers? sometime , we'll work that out. how's life with you, when do your classes end, when are you going to be home, share, share, share

last week, two horrible encounters with feminists, caroyl adams came to our school to talk about the sexual politics of meat. and she asked if the audience wanted the lights on or off during her slide show, there were like 5 guys and 30 girls, no one was responding and so i said, "it's easier to see with the lights off." a seemingly harmless answer, right? she said, "no, um, there tends to be a male female dynamic so why don't we let a female respond, a female said the exact same thing because there is not a fucking male female dynamic about the fact that is easier to see slides with the lights off. and so i hated her from the gitgo, and so did my two friends i went with, who were girls and also thought the woman was stupid and way too self-righteous. and so after her talk, the three of us were so inflamed by her critique of how meat subjugates women that we were like "MEAT!!!" and we wanted to go to hooters and eat lots and lots of meat, since she criticized hooters in particular, but it was too far and too late, so we went to outback and ate lots of grr meat and talked about how much we hated that women and the foibles of feminists.

and later that week, this socialist feminist came to talk to my LatAm studies class, and their was a question session, and she said capitalism exploits women, and i asked her what she thought about camille paglia who said, "capitalism has given women economic independence for the first time since mastodons roamed the earth." and oh boy did she go off, she ranted for a good ten minutes about the evils of capitalism and how much she hates people like paglia. so i set off two feminists last week, how many will i set off this week? wait and see in next week's version of the charlie chronicles: adventures in feminist theory.

and i do love some feminists, i'm doing some photo stuff for some of them, i've been in the darkroom every night until about six in the morning developing pictures for muffy magazine, which is due at the printer tomorrow, and i'm so glad that i finished that so now i can actually do school work,

i worked tonite for the alumni assocition making fundraising calls which was kind of fun and i stole a bunch of pens from them, oh and about stealing, sat i also stole so many cd's from barnes and nobles, my friend sam works there and he told me how to steal cds from there (you just slice the magnetic strip down the middle with a razor, so many nora went and she and her breasts distracted the salesdude and i stole us about 11 cds -- it was so fun, and now i have all these new fun cd's, christmas in may hooray

and i have so much school shit that is looming over my head as the deadlines are all quickly converging, but it's time to go play

oh, and listen to this noise, room draw is tomorrow, and me, nora, anne, and rebecca are trying to get a suite and we're probably not even going to get it since we're in like the last time slot, and 90 percent of the people are trying to get a suite next year, so that kind of sucks and so i might be living off campus next year, which i have mixed feelings about, it'd be cool but it'd also kind of suck since this school is so small, and everything happens in the dorms, it's such a community and i don't think i'm ready to leave yet, but we'll see what happens at 12.30 tomorrow when we have to go to room draw

and write back and tell me all the details of your life, when do you get out of school, when are you going home (are you going home), and all that good stuff

oh and i didn't get that research assistant position i applied for, but i still haven't heard back from the st. louis thingy, but if i don't get that i'll be at home and hopefully working, and it's going to be so crazy, because my friend rebecca lives in arlington, and i have a couple friends who are going to be working in dc, and i'll get to see all my friends from school, and see my family and so the more and more i think about that that's what i'd really like to do. but we'll see

ya ya ya charlie qurioz ay ay ay

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