Thursday, May 25, 2000

satan escapes from hell

From: "charlie q"

To: [rebecca]

Subject: yo punk

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 16:03:40 EDT

yo rebecca,

sarah was not too concerned about her car at all, it was still sitting on the side of the road when i came back from the airport, she finally went out to go get it and just told triple a that she was driving it, so it all worked out good, and she kept apoligizing, but i don't know why, i feel like it was kind of my fault,

did you have any more problems getting home on the satan escaped from hell? i wish i would have went home when you did, i was so bored yesterday, i've started packing, there is nothing to do, i've realized that next year i'm definitly going to try to make lots of new friends, because you and nora are about the only people i do things with. you are gone, and nora's always with phil and that whole group up in his room, and anne is never here and when she is she's insane, so i can't wait to go home rebecca, i can't even tell you,, oh and call me this summer so we can hang out miss re-bec-ca, (660-6371), and yo, what's your number, maggie wants to know too, i was talking to her today and surprise she lost your info, so i told her your e-mail address, but said i did not know your phone numero, so what is it punk?

and i'm in the media center right now, waiting for my cd's to burn, evan starts working at 5(in about an hour, so i'm excited about that), oh and i stole so many cd's from barnes and nobles, me and nora stole mucho mucho (ccr, bob seger, portishead, zap momma, gospel, janis, depeche mode, and so much more) , oh-- and then we went to best buy dumpsters to get boxes since that's where you said you got yours, but there are none back there you liar! so we went to winn-dixie and there like well we have these two tiny bannanna boxes with holes in them that you can have, i was so appalled rebecca,

but tonight will be more exciting, thank god, and soon i will be back in va, how is va miss rw? is it fun and exciting, hot, what's up yo?

and i can't wait for next year to start rebecca, there will be so many new people, hopefully some exciting GAY boys, no more obsessing over straight boys i decided, oh and zack and the rest of bentele clan is here today, i love zack rebecca, and i love keith, the facebook came out yesterday tuesday rebecca, there are exciting pictures of shane and keith and gabe not fully dressed, yee-hah, and i love keith rebecca, do you think he's going to do something like graduate naked? cross your fingers for me miss wood?

oh, and i applied for a job working on ralph nader's campaign in dc, except they haven't called me back yet, but hopefully i'll get that, we'll see miss wood yo.

write back miss wood

-mister q

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