Tuesday, September 26, 2000


yo sarah,

i'm so glad to hear that your life is going so good. 26 hrs a wk? you are so intense, i would fold so quickly if i worked that much and went to school, you are definitly a rad girl!

so me and clay are no more. we had had an open something, but it was more difficult than i had thought. firday nite when we rolled, he was all over all these gross gay boys, namely louis (if they were hot boys i wouldn't have minded so much) and he didn't play with me much, i wasn't in the getting all up on everybody mood so i left the party and went and hung out with a bunch of people in palm court and talked to them. then later in the nite, like at 6, i was like i'm going back to my room you should come, because i really wanted to play and hang out with him, without all these nasty (non-rolling) gay boys who were all over him, and he was like i'm going to hang out here for a little while longer, so was like okay, whatever and went back to my room and listened to music, and was nice and cerebral, you know how you can just sit there and think forever about your life.

so i woke up the next day for dance and he still hadn't come back, he was asleep up in my friends room upstairs (lisa) because he said he didn't want to come in late and wake me up, and then later in the day i really wanted to watch the sunset and i asked him if he wanted to get up and come with me and he wanted to keep on sleeping, and then while i was at the bay watching the sunset i thought forever and ever about how much this boy could hurt me (like he did to dennis - the boy he was with when i got with him), and so i decided that i didn't have the emontional fortitude to handle him, and he was far too self-absorbed anyways so i told him that he had to move out of my room, but we are still amiable and friendly with each other, and he even left his tv/vcr in here (yee-hah!) bc he didn't have anywhere else to put it i guess.

then sat nite i met this really rad boy named charles and he's so cool and rad, he was visiting his brother who lives in sarasota, (charles lives in tallahassee ( 8 hrs away)), but i hung out with him all weekend before he left on mon morning and he's so fucking cool and he's going to come back down in like 3 or 4 weeks so thats exciting


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