Thursday, August 23, 2001

beck re ah

From: "charlie q"
To: [rebecca]
Subject: beck re ah
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:18:38 -0400

rebecca i so hope you come down to visit in the fall, are you going to? rebecs- i miss you so much, me and bonnie have been stealing alcohol from publix and getting drunk every night, last night was our 10th night in a row, we are way o-o-c. and, becky got back two days ago. rebecca you need to come here so you can hang out at the wall with me. cause bonnie and becky are bobo, i go with them and then all they do is talk to guys or hit on guys, and it is so superobnoxious when people are this boy/sex crazy. i need some good ol rebecca who has her head on right and isn't so fucking boy crazy, cause it gets super boring at these walls yo.

mini-classes started today, i am in between mine right now.

and let me tell you how sad i am beck-- andrew has decided that he doesn't like me or something, i've been trying to hit on him for like a week and he just blows me off-- he's hitting on this stupid, ugly first year whose name is jd, and who i refer to as that stupid jd power and associates boy. beck -- it's so sad, i've never felt so pathatic about boys ever. and there is no one else at school that i am interested in except for this one first year whose sexuality is questionable. beck, what is an unwanted boy to do?

i get very annoyed at bonnie sometimes when she's super drunk cause i'll tell her this sad story about andrew and then she'll be like, "so, do you think (insert just about any boy's name here) has a crush on me? blah blah blah" and nora's never home cause she's always with her boyfriend. and school is all a flux, i don't know what the fuck i'm going to do, cause there are all these classes that i want to take and all these i need to take, and i have to find a lit sponser, which may not happen this semester because most want you to have taken a class with them, and all the ones i have taken classes with are not here this year.

oh, i saw arianna yesterday which was super super exciting, she's living in b-dorm. oh and i hate mike sanderson, he's so obnoxious, every night he makes some comment about how everyone hates me, and i don't understand what he's talking about, and for some reason he always manages to talk to me right after andrew's blown me off or something.

and i'm really not pathatic all day, i just get in pathatic funks throughout the day, and right now i guess i'm in one again.

well, how bout you take a little trip to the sunshine state, miss wood?


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