Tuesday, August 14, 2001


From: "charlie q"
To: hinbeh@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 00:01:07 -0400

beck- yo i am missing you here in sarasota. i'm in the house. me and bonnie are being pre-orientation leaders together, and they're feeding us free food, but we have to go to training for five days for eight hours a day, yo -- you don't even know how much i was ready to shoot myself today in training.

and, i have some super duper exciting news for you. are you getting excited? guess who's moving to arlington in a few weeks and was super excited that she would be able to visit bec? can you guess? here's a clue: rod stewart sort of sang a song about her telling her to wake up.

yep, yep -- it is none other than maggie ray, i saw her today and i was so excited to see her, i had been hoping so much i would see her again and i ran and gave her a huge old hug, it was so nice. i saw andrew briefly two days ago, and now i am jonesing like crazy for that boy yo, today i was hoping i'd run into him on campus so much, reba-kah, but i did not. so hopefully i'll run into him tomorrow

shane is still in texas -- he will be coming back on the 20th.

rebecca please come visit us in the fall -- pretty pretty please, i need some good ol' rebecca adventures yo.

the drive down to fl. was pretty fun. we stopped at south of the border and all sorts of other cheesy places, it was good times, and becky and phil came and stayed with me to for a night, so that was exciting.

i'm in the hcl lab right now with bonnie and jasmine writing e-mails in the dark so the cops won't see us in here, somehow bonnie has a key. where oh where is andrew, beck? what's the latest with your cuba plans? i had an interview for a box office job at the asolo and guess what i did not get hired, they wanted me to make a committment to be there x-mas eve and the day after x-mas, i was like uh-aw, see you folks later, i will be in v-a.

nora's kind of wacky and she flipped out at me about 20 mins ago, she works like a dog, i never see here, she is constantly at work or sleeping or with her boyfriend, thank god for bonnie, she's a fun girl yo. not much new college gossip yet cause not many people are here (aka shane),, oh anne beat a girl up in this shower at a party, it's a pretty outrageous story. bo has long hair. i have fro hair.

well, miss beck, i'm going to end this here cause i'm starting to babble, but how bout you give me a little write back, you know? and did you sign bonnie's guestbook cause she was just freaking out about a weird signing.


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