Thursday, October 16, 2003

go-go is my role model

In Times Square yet again, hopefully for the last time at this internet place, since Dara and I are beginning to take seriously the project of our house. We have painted our living room an orange that I altertanely like and dislike, we have hung up lights, hung up pictures and polka albums, placed a bathmat on our bathroom floor. I now have a working electric outlet in my bedroom, and soon, very soon, like today, we are going to call and schedule an appointment to get some internet flowing through our little home. I want to have lots of people over soon, something involving food.

Yesterday my mom was here for a few short hours, and left me with a computer, and some old kitchen knick-knacks of hers, including: a breadmaker, an espresso maker, and an electric wok. Beki and Stephanie are here now, staying with me for a few days and are out shopping. I couldn't deal with it, I left them, and will meet back up again to cruise some galleries and consume some free booze.

Last night, I had an awesome time at Phoenix. I am spending far too much time there. It really is becoming my bar, in the Cheers sense. Last week, Joe and I figured we were there three times. That is probably not good, but I am getting to talk to people, nice people, and so right now, it is enough. Soon, I will get bored though, no doubt, it always occurs, but now, I am in that space of time when there is a self-awareness of impending boredom without any actual boredom present, a high before the comedown, if you will pardon the overused drug reference.

I want to be in school. I am going to go the Hunter offices after my time expires here and see if it is to late for the spring.

I need to connect more with my body. I don't dance enough. I rarely masturbate. Let's not enough talk about how long it has been since I have had sex. I am the sedentary duck that was in that Voice comic this week. I need to do something besides eat.

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