Thursday, October 23, 2003

it hurts sooo good

I just attended a union meeting for my bookstore that was held at of all places, the gay bar I frequent way too much, the Phoenix. Not that many people showed up, and I even questioned whether I should bother to attend or not since I hope to God that I will have found a new source of employment by the time a new contract is negotiated for the union (next summer). But being part of a union is such an appealing concept to me, as a leftist raised in the suburbs, in Virginia, in a "right to work" state (which you should all hopefully know means "anti-union").

Not much got addressed, but I did offer up my two cents and other people did too - it was a session of collective griping, a chance to see what this talk about democracy and the people is all about, and I liked it, I really liked being with other workers and talking about our rights, about how we needed to demand certain things from our employers in the next contract, and seeing how this whole process works.

In other news: It is colder than a polar bear's toenail, to quote Outkast. I am an idiot, and spent from 10 am to 2 pm waiting for the cable guy to come and install internet in my apartment, until at 2:30, pissed that the guy didn't come, and searching for the piece of paper that I had written the confirmation number on, I realized that the appointment is actually for next Thursday. I watched Keith's movie today at Megan's house. It's cold, I am mildy drunk, and have to pee so insanely bad right now and am thinking of where the closest bathroom must be. But tomorrow night, tomorrow night my friends and foes, tomorrow night I will be in attendance with some of my fellow co-workers, none of whom made it to the union meeting tonight, but will be with them anyways watching and dancing to some good rock and roll, to Hella, Gravy Train, and the motherfucking Gossip. Did I mention that I am so excited? And that it is cold out? So cold? And that I have have to pee? So fucking bad?

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