Friday, November 5, 2004

The trees on Keap Street, two days ago, glowing with gorgeous yellow leaves are now all barren after the rains and winds of yesterday. I noticed this on my walk to the subway this afternoon while I was listening to Morrissey. You would not believe the sunset I witnessed this afternoon from the Princeton Review offices. I really like working here and I really think what I like is the change of location, of spending time in a new area of this city, of wandering around SoHo on my break.

Last night, I drank beers at Metropolitan and enjoyed it. I need a new job. You have heard me say it before, but naturally I am a happy person and I realize this when I am allowed other opportunites other than the Strand. I think I will finally do my laundry tonight. I saw two boys that I wanted to make out with last night. I didn't make out with, didn't even talk to them, but had such a nice elated crush feeling produced by the sight of cute boys that I did not even mind. This world offers too many joys that I sometimes fail to notice.

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