Friday, February 9, 2007

jack in the box

Last evening, after a day of thrifting in the East Bay, Bonnie and I went to some gallery opening where I got way drunk off rum and cokes served by this gallery attendent who I was in love with and who I presumed was a homo, but, because I am apparently totally awful at judging such things, as it turns out was actually straight. With each sip of my drink, I was aware of who had prepared it, this man with the boyish smile, this man making this thing for me, a gift offered. His hands, the ones I wanted on me, had prepared the thing; an imagined prelude to sex. Then Matthew, Bonnie, and I went to Regina's house where we drank some wine and had what I considered to be a really lovely conversation.

Bonnie and I caught the last BART train back to Oakland and I was starving and was already planning what food we could possibly get when we got off of BART since burritos were not an option. We went to Jack in the Box, walked through the drive-through since that was the only thing open. And it was while we were eating curly fries from the bag while walking back to Bonnie's house two blocks away that, in what is now all a blur, these two men grabbed Bonnie's purse. We screamed and yelled and I grabbed one of the guys, hoping to get Bonnie's purse back, but the other guy had the purse and he was already turning a corner, running away. The other guy took off running also and we went around the corner, trying to find the guy with the purse, but to no avail. The police came and we talked to them. While Bonnie was giving a statement in the police car, I found our Jack in the Box bag, sat on the curb and ate the bacon cheeseburger I had ordered, the crime doing nothing to mitigate my hunger.

It has been raining for the past three days, but really, the end of last night excluded, it has been so lovely here even in this wet weather. In other wet news, supposedly tonight we are attending a wet jockstrap contest. I have lost both games of Scrabble I have played while here in California. I need to get back in the habit of playing. I have also taken to drinking my coffee black.

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