Thursday, February 8, 2007

Yesterday, I started my day off at SF MoMA. There were some of Joseph Albers' "Homage to the Square" paintings there and which were my favorite things there, already having fallen in love with the series at the Whitney a month or so ago. I have a great idea that is going to involve this series and my experiences with them, which I will commence work on once home in New York. I am going to commence work on many things once I am home again in New York. I am really excited about being inspired and realizing what is important to me while here, and also excited that while here, while away from it, New York has more than ever taken on all of the associations, lovely ones they are, of home. Then there was a long walk wandering through the Mission, through the Castro, and then a trip to Golden Gate Park, a walk through it, and a view of the sunset from the beach. I then went out dancing with Bonnie and Matthew at Aunt Charlie's where Brontez was spinning old girl group records and which was pretty amazing.

Today we ate some mushrooms and went to the science museum, becoming totally overwhelmed with all the optical tricks and things to play with there, until the kids and the busyness of the place became too overwhelming and we sought refuge outside in the drizzling rain, in this weird pavilion. Eventually we decided to try to walk to Golden Gate Bridge, giggling all the way there, umbrellas flying every which way, and doing this for too long before the absurdity of the hike became apparent and we got back on the bus, back to the main part of town. It was a lovely, lovely day, capped with Scrabble and The Smiths.

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