Friday, October 5, 2007

At some point this evening, I lost my wallet, the wallet I have had since high school, purchased at Wal-Mart, the one on Route 1, and have never been able to replace, despite the holes in it through which change always fell through. This is perhaps a chance to get a nice new wallet, but I am still a bit sad that I have lost my ID, my debit card, my newly purchased MetroCard, perhaps my Social Security card, and my student ID, which I have used on many occassions to take advantage of student discounts and which apparently I will no longer be able to reap the benefits of, student ID now lost in the Chelsea Piers bathroom where I took a shit this afternoon and where I am guessing I must have dropped my wallet.

To put this bad news out of my mind and also to put out of my mind the stressful goings on of my apartment (a plumber tearing apart our kitchen walls, Niki getting into a fight with the landlord, and my wanting to move out already), I got drunk at gallery openings this evening. Afterwards, friends inside a bread shop, I, hungry, picked up a man on the street. I said goodbye to my friends and went out for drinks with this man. He bought me a couple of drinks and we talked about our lives. We did this and at some point we walked back to his apartment and we fucked around and we fucked and we did so not safely and lately I don't know where my brain is when I am horny but it is far gone and perhaps I secretly want HIV because I have particpated in quite a bit of unsafe sex lately, and I don't know. The man gave me an old MetroCard of his so I could get home and I used it, fell asleep on the L and thought about the sex we just had, how even having it just once unsafe would have been stupid, would have been inexcusable, but that it happened twice is something else. At the least, his dick was nice, gorgeous. Though I now regret it, I did have fun, so much fun, got what it was I wanted out of my night. And he lives two blocks from my place of my employment and perhaps I have now found a way to occupy my hour-long lunch breaks.

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