Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Keep dancing," he said. He being Diego, the boy I really like a lot. I had just gotten off of the phone, having a terrible conversation with one friend, and so this conversation, this very positive one with this super nice boy, came at such a great time. That was Diego's advice - to keep dancing. And I am not going to use quotation marks here because I can't recall it verbatim, but he followed it by saying something like: So it may be a remix. Maybe it's a remix of a Rhianna song and it's no good, but just keep dancing anyway.

This advice made me like him so much more. He is so level-headed in ways that totally surprise me, so good. I am going to see him shortly and this mitigates to some degree the regret I have had all day about not meeting up with him last night because I got too stoned and fell asleep.

I have seen a couple plays this weekend, The Play About the Naked Guy and The Adding Machine. I saw the feminist art show that opened at PS1 today, saw two bands play at that opening today, Disband and IUD. I am reading Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler. I don't know if any of those mean nearly as much as a long look I exchanged with Diego the other night. I understood more about human beings and life in that moment then I did during the consumption of any of the aforementioned cultural products.

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