Sunday, November 16, 2008

I slept with Diego last night and that is part of it, part of what is making me feel better. I hadn't had sex in a while and so it was nice to have this boy in my bed, to get stoned with him while sitting on my bed at four something in the morning, having just devoured some Little Debbie brownies. We woke up this morning and got off a couple of times before he left and before I left shortly thereafter to go look at apartments. The other part what is making me feel better, feel pretty damn excellent actually despite the blistery wind, is that I now have a set of keys to a room in the East Village. I am going to live in what is basically a gay boardinghouse just a couple of doors away from Tompkins Square Park. The guy that runs it is humorous old pervert, who kept on making sex jokes the entire time was there, and who hosts sex parties every Thursday night in the basement. It is a boardinghouse setup with a bunch of rooms, bathrooms on each floor, and a shared kitchen. There are some downsides, one being the size of the room. It is small, but for the price and the location I don't care. There also isn't a stove here and you are supposed to store your food in your room, which also is something I can live with since I don't cook all that often now. I am on the fourth floor and have a window that looks out on to trees and there is cable in every room with oodles of channels and everyone seems so nice and I am going to live in fucking Manhattan and I am so fucking excited. I can't believe this happened today. I was on my way to look at some studio in Bushwick when this guy called and so I went over to look at the place and wanted it as soon as I saw it, thankfully had my checkbook with me, and now I live there! I am going to move my stuff out of here over the next week and hopefully be residing there my next weekend. So excited!

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