Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last night, people lost their minds on these streets of New York City. Every place, every bar, you walked by, people were watching the election coverage, everyone on the same team, everyone so fucking happy. It was such a beautiful sight. I am so glad that it is over and that soon the years of George Bush will soon be over. A person of color was elected to the highest office in this land. That is amazing. You can look at the portraits of all the presidents - I remember doing this in US History class, their portraits all lined up on several facing pages, them all old white men - and here is a break from that, a change, a dark face, still a man, but not a white one. And that is a staggering change that, a couple of years ago, I would have said was not going to happen anytime soon. Was everyone crying last night? Talking to my co-workers today, so many people mentioned how they bawled their eyes out last night. Catharsis, realizing that it is not as fucked up as it sometimes seems, that there is potential, that change can occur, that we can bring it about. What a beautiful fucking day it was.

And, yes, yesterday, I got two fillings, leaving half of my face numb with novacaine all throughout the celebrations, and yes I still don't know where I am going to live, and yes I may have poison ivy, and yes I am often lonely, and yes to so many things, but also yes to the fact that I was witness to and a participant (by voting) in one of the most beautiful moments of this two hundred some year old experiment. It really is so fucking incredible and inspiring. And you realize how much so, in case you forgot or weren't able to concieve, when you see Jesse Jackson crying nonstop, when you hear people from the civil rights era talk about what this means to them, when today my (black) boss told me how his nephew was sobbing his eyes out last night and how he, my boss, out-sobbed his nephew, that things we were told weren't possible are, that things we were told about our own potential can be shown for the bullshit it is. So fucking awesome.

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