Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday, I was sitting on the Christopher Street Pier with Jacob. We were drinking vodka and taking in the unseasonal but very welcome ninety degree weather, lying out there shirtless, me with a book I wasn't reading, and the two of us looking at all the sexy men around us, talking about living together, about our trip to Milwaukee, about dogs. Looking at all these cut bodies, I was aware of my stoner/winter schlubiness and resolved to join a gym on Friday, payday. Today, I left work early because it is so boring there and was so nice outside today, was the last of these insanely hot days before we go back to normal spring weather. I went out to the pier again, ran into a couple people I knew, and did not read from my book again, too distracted with the sights around me, with the daydreams in my head. I left there, bought some running shoes, and rejoined the gym I used to belong to. It is expensive, but I know I'll go there. It's close to my work and full of sexy men and a naughty steamroom. The steamroom is incentive for me to go there, a treat for working out. I ran and lifted some weights and then went to go sit in the steamroom. Immediately, this guy scooted several feet over to sit next to me, starting jerking off next to me and looking at me. I scooted over away from him a bit but he kept on staring and I was trying my best not to look at him, to cut off this interaction by being cold and distant, hopefully making this creep move on. After a few minutes, I looked over to the side to try to steal a glance at him and saw that he was actually sexy and younger than I thought. This changed things. I looked at him, looked at him stroking his dick, smiled. He scooted closer. I started jerking off as well. He began to jerk me off as I stared at and touched his muscley body. One of the guys that works in the locker room came in to collect the towels strewn about. Both of us quickly covered ourselves. There was a boner poking out from beneath my towel. First day back at the gym and already slutting it up in the steamroom, not what I had planned on doing. I left the steamroom, showered, and saw Bob in front of the sinks. He gave me a knowing look. He knew that I left the gym floor a long, long time before and had clearly spent that time cruising the steamroom. I put Niki Minaj on my headphones and walked toward the subway, feeling really, really good.

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