Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a move, not a goodbye

[This is the last entry posted to my previous diary. I have since imported all of my old diary entries on to this site. This was my explanation at the move for the time. Beginning March 5, 2010, I cross-posted entries to both domain names, that one and this one. This was the day I stopped doing that and only posted things here.]

There are a few reasons. I wanted something more identifiable with whatever the thing produced is and less with the site hosting it. I wanted a shorter, easily remembered URL in case I ever promote the site. Maybe even I wanted to brand myself, start to try to establish a writerly, or at least online, identity. There was also a whim one day in which I purchased the domain. There was also a resolution. You know, various things. I am slowly transferring over the stuff from older diaries, this one mainly, over to the site. It will hopefully surely change its appearance once I become a bit more adept with CSS and HTML. We'll see. But follow me if you would like to my new site where I'll be writing and posting things:


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