Friday, July 2, 2010


It's July, the second day of it, soon in less than half an hour the third day of it, and soon the fourth, and on and on, the days roll. I just wrote a cover letter for a job that I really want and sent it out via email and I think it may be a bit crazy but I have this new theory that it might only be by showing a little craziness, a little personality, that my cover letters might stick out of the sea of them and maybe get me if not a new job, at the least an interview.

I have the house to myself for the second night a row and am doing not much with it, watched a really terrible documentary, wrote a cover letter, and have a PBR at my side while I listen to the classical station. Jacob is out of town for the week. David, who was our houseguest for several days, is also gone now. This past weekend was a debaucherous and fun one that I doubt I will clearly remember in the future, especially since I have difficulty remembering some sober evenings. I read a story about Milwaukee at the BML series that I thought read much better than I was fearing, it written the day before and me a bit unhappy and insecure with it until I actually read it in front of other people. From there, Thursday night, it was one drink after the next until sometime Monday morning. I stumbled from there to Mattachine. Friday I went to Bana and splashed around in the pool and hot tub and had sex with Jacob and a couple other people. Saturday had me dancing a bit and smoking a lot at Sugarland. Sunday was a very drunk brunch, followed by the parade, followed by a bar, followed by a house party where I got naked and sucked some dick and got mine sucked, followed by more bars, followed by Vandam where I danced and got further wasted, and danced in the basement at one point to Diana Ross's "I'm Coming Out" and for the span of that song was the happiest gay there may have been on the planet, that song being the culmination of a lovely weekend of festivities and made me for a moment remember that it was all about being a fag and being proud of that, embracing this person that I am, that you, that we are.

And then there was work for a couple days, then a trip to Riis Beach and Coney Island, then the departure of these two people and more work, some gym time, and today I bought the first suit I have ever bought. I bought it to go my cousin's wedding next weekend so that I can look all adult and not totally scummy and maybe even cute. We'll see how that goes. Now back to thinking about this job I want and maybe getting stoned and reading the new John Waters book, but will probably really be looking at Grindr and Facebook obsessively on my phone in my bed because apparently that is what I love to do when I get stoned these days.

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