Friday, July 30, 2010

American Shores

Do you like this photo? I took it.

You did not.

Yeah, i took this photo of this photo.

The Williamsburg Waterfront, a parody of Jersey Shore, discussed stoned and while sitting on our red couch. Going to bed soon, a vacation starting soon for us, our first together and alone. Catching Fung Wah north at seven, somewhere near East Broadway, bus leaving at 7, ferry from Boston we are trying to catch leaving at 1.

The two of us venturing to Provincetown tomorrow, spoken of by others, fathers. And we are headed there to a room named The Tempest. Have vague fears about that, the potential symbolism in a name - if it might be foreshadowing something, or if instead I read too much into things, hope for more drama than there is

Bless me, he said, after he just sneezed.

He is typing across from me on his computer and i don't know what he is actually doing, maybe even looking at manroulette or some live cam feed of sex happening and him telling them the guy somewhere in Georgia to fist himself, fingers typing away and me imagining him IM'ng his sister in Ohio, talking about tattoos and how they should get them together when he comes home

And I live in one with him,180 Meserole Street, and I think that 180 in my address has some symbolism, that there is some intended beauty there from whoever wrote this story, that living with a boyfriend for the first time, having something mutual with regard to affection and sexual desire, that that was new, the embrace of it a 180

Meserole Street between Humbolt and Graham.

And I am going to Provincetown tomorrow with him.

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