Saturday, August 7, 2010

shark sightings

Some time last evening, I arrived back in New York at the Fung Wah curbside stop in Chinatown. Not quick enough later, I walked through my apartment door with Jacob, both of us happy to be home again. I had spent the previous week in Provincetown with him, getting brown, getting drunk, getting high, getting laid.

Unfortunately, our trip coincided with Family Week, the town overrun by gay parents with their rainbow children. Nothing against gay families or children, but it was definitely a different atmosphere than the circus-like oversexed atmosphere of the town I encountered last year. I am guessing most other people realized what week it was and avoided the town. There was still plenty of fun to be had at night though, the streets mainly stroller free and homos out and about cruising, Dick Dock still full of men copulating in the dark underneath a boardwalk.

Our days were spent on the beach or poolside at the Boatslip, taking in the sun and dunking ourselves in the water whenever we got too hot. I was reading Tennessee Williams’ Memoirs, it seeming an appropriate read for the location given Williams’ time spent in the town. I still have yet to finish it, which is not an explicit statement about the goodness of the book, more so about how it is hard to read when you are sitting in the sun surrounded by naked or half-naked men, one of them your boyfriend, that the mind already a little groggy from sun and alcohol is apt to wander.

I ate a lot of seafood, particularly oysters, the appeal of which has really grown with me over the last two years, something I had never eaten more than once or twice before a couple years ago, something I never enjoyed, to something which I now find one of the most enjoyable sensory and culinary experiences one can have. The mixture of lemon, brine, and a bit of grit really sets me back, makes me quite happy.

One of the afternoons, we spent whale watching, seeing numerous humpback whales come up for air several times, sometimes near our boat, before extending their large tail up in their air and descending down into ocean depths again. There was a brief glimpse of a humpback jumping entirely out of the water, and it was a second long, if even, the part I glimpsed, and yet that one second is one of the highlights of my trip, an image I cannot forget, don’t want to, taken totally aback, made breathless, by the majesty of such a large animal in the sea.

We ran into a few people we knew from New York there and one night hung out with L and A, hanging out on their back patio, smoking weed, watching the sunset, and eating cheese. There was touching of legs of people seated next to each other and I think every one wanted it to happen but I am not sure how it actually did, what the first steps were that brought it about, but soon the four of us when in their bed, naked and having sex. I remember eating out A’s ass for a long time, something that I don’t normally enjoy, unless I am in a dirty situation and it is with someone that I really, really desire in a unique way. The components were there and I all I wanted to do was eat his ass, took so much pleasure in it. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” was playing and it was already repeating for the second or third time. I read too much into it, at first had been thinking about The Wizard of Oz but soon started to think of my father, this his favorite band, many, many childhood memories of him blaring to the point where I had to cover my ears to protect them the music of Pink Floyd. Jacob got fucked by L and I lay next to them watching. After they got off, we went out on to the patio again. I mentioned the repeating music and A changed it to something else, a female pop singer I am pretty sure, but I cannot remember who and may not even be correct about that detail. A and I started going at it again on the patio, him sucking my dick. L told us that the two of us should go inside, that we shouldn’t do that on the patio where people on the street could see.

We went inside and with different music, I felt a lot better, and I fucked Andrew and he came again and I came for the first time. We rinsed off and went out to the patio where Jacob and L were fucking again, despite L warning us about people being able to see.

Other nights were spent dancing or lying in bed, tired from being in the sun all day and looking at Grindr and Facebook on our iPhones.

My back is warm, skin burnt from the sun, body temperature higher than usual. I am back in New York and I watched a story on the news today about shark sightings off the Jersey Shore and off Rockaway Beach. These reports made me want to go to the beach again, to be in water, to be high on drugs and running or swimming really fast and made delirious by sun and sights and tastes and bodies, human, whale, shark, or otherwise.

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